I have been busy this semester with becoming more involved on campus and applying to my school’s honors program. The fashion classes I am taking are so fun and interesting. I have no doubt in my mind that I picked the right major. For my next blog, I am going to compile a list of fashion do’s and don’ts on a college campus.

Fall 2014 – Week Two


So, the outfits for this week goes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I had a lab on Wednesday and we have to wear t-shirts and pants. I forgot to take a picture that day because I pretty much dressed to go to the gym after my classes. Yes, I am wearing the same pair of shorts on Tuesday and Thursday. I only had one class on Thursday and I figured I could.

Fall 2014 – Week One


This is what I wore on the week of August the 17th to my classes. I don’t have Friday classes so that’s why there are only four pictures. The weather here is really hot and humid, plus there’s a lot of walking. I like to dress kind of simple and comfortable.

Discount Target Beauty Haul

Is this even considered a beauty haul? I don’t know, but I definitely need to start doing this when I buy clothes, makeup, haircare items, etc.

I was shopping in Target a few weeks ago for some stuff for my dorm and I came across these discount boxes filled with beauty products and some other things. I was shocked when I saw foundation for only 94 cents. I was even more shocked when I was there were two in my shade. The actual foundation retails for about $12. So, every time I go to Target I make sure to hit up that section and I usually find some pretty good things. I also picked up a Shea Moisture blush and a gold eyeliner. I have also gotten Goody’s ribbon elastic hair ties and headbands for really cheap. I am now wishing I would have gotten their adjustable yoga wicking headband.

I am going to miss Target when I leave for college in a few days. This section in there is good for anyone on a budget, someone who wants to try something new and great for a college student like me. Also, Walmart also has a section similar to this.



Neon Kourt



The eldest Kardashian sister is showing off her pregnancy in this cute, flared mini dress. I love the texture of the dress and also the splash of neon. I have admired Kourtney’s style for a while now. She has said that instead of wearing maternity clothes, she just buys a larger size in regular clothes. I can totally see myself doing the same when the time comes.



I first learned how to sew in fourth grade. Sewing isn’t a hobby that a lot of people have and it’s definitely not something a lot of people my age want to do. However, I always encourage people to try it! I’ve noticed that a few of my friends will randomly say something along the lines of, “You know what?! I think I’m going to start sewing.” I usually think, “Gee. I wonder where you got that from?” I do have friends that will say, “You inspired me to learn how to sew.” I’m trying to not sound childish, but it’s just like when someone steals your joke. Just give credit. It just kind of bothers me when. . . I can’t even really explain it. It’s kind of like when someone never mentions a certain topic, but when they find out it’s one of your interests, they act like it just came to them on their own. I don’t know! Is anyone the same way or is it just me?

Too Many Ideas


So, this is probably one of my messiest sewing projects so far haha. I meant to have this outfit finished around noon, but of course I couldn’t find a seam ripper and had to go buy one. Then I ended up spending too much time in the fabric store, as always! When I finally got home my mom decided to drag me places with her.

Back to the outfit. While I was making the top, an idea popped into my head and I decided that I would try something different which is why it’s unfinished. 😫. It always explains why it’s so wrinkled. I’m going back and forth with a few ideas of what I want the top to be now. It doesn’t take me that long to sew, I’m just a perfectionist who always comes up with new ideas.


I’m going to be finished with an outfit that I have been working on tomorrow! It’s a circle skirt that I made over winter break and when I came back home for the summer, I realized that I could make a matching crop top to go with it. It was really simple to make and did not require any patterns at all. I don’t think I have debuted anything I’ve made yet, so I’m really excited. I can’t wait to show you all!

Stylishly Solange

Solange’s incredible sense of style and fashion is often underestimated. I always look forward to seeing what she wears. I love how unique her style is and how everything is always so complete about her look. She is one of the few celebrities that still wears bright colors and she definitely knows how to.