Step Outside the Box.

I love Twitter, it is one of my most used apps and it always give me comic relief. A popular trend on Twitter is to make a “starter kit” which is a combination of photos and a description.

For instance:


I have seen this outfit so many times in-person and on Instagram, blogs, etc. What makes it so funny is that the a lot of the guys that wear this say things like that.

The outfit is nice and it is definitely not the only type of outfit I have seen a good amount of people wear. However, I am encouraging myself and others to try out new things when it comes to fashion. This outfit could be changed by wearing a beanie instead or a different style shoe.

Try something new whether it be a color, style, silhouette or fabric.

Ciara – TopShop

Working that runway: The 29-year-old singer ensured she was dressed to impress for the occasion, opting for high-fashion glamour in a black leather kimono-style wrap dress 

Ciara was named as the new USA Ambassador for TopShop at the Fashion Retail Academy Awards in London. You probably remember that she was the face of Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2015/2016 ad campaign. This is so exciting and it is really great to see her move forward in the fashion industry.

“Instagram Boutiques”

Nowadays it just seems as if everyone has a clothing line. Every time that I get on instagram, I see someone advertising another what many call “instagram boutiques.” These boutiques tend to be solely online and sell just about the same wholesale clothing items that the other ones do. Fast fashion is reaching a whole new level and just about anyone can start their own clothing line now.

One of the main things I have noticed is that these lines pretty much all generate that “Kardashian” style of clothing which is okay. With that you can probably throw in the “instagram models” as well. I feel as if instagram has opened up the way for more models that are different in the way of body type, skin color, hair type, height, etc. to be represented in the fashion industry.

I do not necessarily think my stance on this subject is negative, I think that it highlights the growth in the apparel industry and differences within it.

What are your thoughts?


How I Started my Clothing Line, Got into my 1st Store, & Fabric Show

So awesome!

Cheap but Chic

Ok, so here is the long awaited video…..

Back on Novemeber 1st, 2014 I launched my clothing line; TJ Sewer, LLC.  I started out working on my own, but as time went on, my business started picking up so I decided to hire help.  In the video I tell you all about my experience at my first textile show, how I started my business, what type of people I hired to help me grow even more and my role in my business as of now.  In this video, I also talked about my experience in getting contacted by my first store. This video was recorded last month, so my clothing has been in a store for about a month now.  I will do a future video on my experience thus far and how you can get into a store yourself.  If you have any other questions that I did not answer…

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Dressing Professionally

I just got back from NYC on Saturday. The trip was a week long and it was for a class called “Fashion Study Tour” and as a part of it we visited various fashion companies. We were told that we had to dress professionally on these visits. However, the majority of my classmates did not follow that rule.

Instead of dressing professionally, they dressed as if they were in a Free People catalog. I do not know if they think just because they are fashion majors/minors that the standard of professional wear does not apply to them. Personally, whenever I am told to wear something professional, I wear something that I could wear on a job interview. We spoke to a fashion market editor for a magazine while there and he had my same sentiments. A nice blouse and nice pants or a skirt is all you need. Sure, once you get hired the attire may be more laid back and up to own discretion. My professor likes to say “creative professional” which means to wear the typical outfit, but throw in a pattern or color without it being too distracting or overwhelming.

My point is that no matter what your major is or what you plan on doing with your life, it is important to know what professional wear is and how to dress that way.

Thoughts? Opinions?