Dressing Professionally

I just got back from NYC on Saturday. The trip was a week long and it was for a class called “Fashion Study Tour” and as a part of it we visited various fashion companies. We were told that we had to dress professionally on these visits. However, the majority of my classmates did not follow that rule.

Instead of dressing professionally, they dressed as if they were in a Free People catalog. I do not know if they think just because they are fashion majors/minors that the standard of professional wear does not apply to them. Personally, whenever I am told to wear something professional, I wear something that I could wear on a job interview. We spoke to a fashion market editor for a magazine while there and he had my same sentiments. A nice blouse and nice pants or a skirt is all you need. Sure, once you get hired the attire may be more laid back and up to own discretion. My professor likes to say “creative professional” which means to wear the typical outfit, but throw in a pattern or color without it being too distracting or overwhelming.

My point is that no matter what your major is or what you plan on doing with your life, it is important to know what professional wear is and how to dress that way.

Thoughts? Opinions?


Fashion Documentary


I’m currently watching Bill Cunningham New York which is a documentary on Netflix that deals a lot of with fashion. It’s great for anyone that is interested in fashion or curious about it.


Free Way to Change Your Style

One thing that I do to switch up my look is to not wear the same outfit twice. By that I mean if you’re wearing a striped sweater, blue jeans, and brown combat boots, the next time you would keep the same pieces, but wear wine colored pants. You can also add something to it to make a statement like a scarf or a chunky necklace.

It’s an easy thing to do when you don’t want to spend money buying new clothes, but you want to change up your look. Plus, it finally gives you a reason to pull out all of those clothes you having in your drawers and closet.

Here’s an example of Kim Kardashian implementing this idea:
Is Kim Kardashian Wearing The Same Shirt Two Days In A Row?!